Change in the Law – information

From 1 October 2007, it became illegal to sell tobacco to anyone under 18. This is a change from the current age of 16.

Figures show that most addicted adult smokers began smoking as teenagers. The law has been changed to help prevent people from starting in the first place, so that they can avoid the serious health dangers of smoking – it’s addictive, causing serious harm and can have a dramatic effect on your appearance and attractiveness. has just been launched and contains helpful information and guidance for young people, professionals and retailers. In Highland there is a great deal of support for anyone trying to stop smoking in the form of a Highland Smoking Cessation Service, details can be found on the NHS website.

School news 5th October 2007

Visit by Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Education – Over two weeks staff and pupils had an intensive period of scrutiny from inspectors. Every member of staff and many pupils had the opportunity to be involved in discussion and meetings. On departure the HMIe team thanked us for the hospitality offered by the school staff and their pleasure in talking to our confident, polite and mature children. The inspection report, which is still being discussed, once published, will be distributed to all parents.

Charity Fashion Show – Gairloch High School held its first ever fashion show on Friday 21st of September. The show started as an enterprise project run by Mr. Sutherland involving pupils now in S4 and S5. Click here for more details.

Mod events in Poolewe – A considerable number of pupils took part in various events at the Mod in Poolewe on Friday 28th September. Click here for the details. Many of the pupils received certificates and awards competing successfully with a larger number of competitors than last year. Young people arrived from as far off as Lochaber to compete.

S4-S6 Past Papers and Revision Guides – Each year, many pupils buy copies of past papers and revision guides to help them prepare for their SQA exams. This year, pupils have the opportunity to purchase these through the school at a discount of 20%. For example, a set of past papers, which normally costs £7.99, would cost £6.39. To take advantage of this offer, orders need to be placed with the office before the end of October. Payment must be made with the order. Once pupils know what they require they should bring exact money or a cheque made payable to Gairloch High School.

Study Club – for pupils in S4 S5 and S6 will be starting at the end of October. The purpose of Study Club is to give pupils the opportunity to complete their work in a calm, supervised study environment, whilst giving them access to teachers, computers, textbooks and other school resources. The aim of Study Club is to raise the individual attainment and ambition of pupils by encouraging them to take advantage of school facilities and to encourage the habit, discipline and technique of study. Study club usually operates on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school from 3.30 to 5.00 p.m.

In November, most sessions are aimed at S4 pupils preparing for their Prelims. Similarly in December and January, most sessions are aimed at pupils in S5 & S6 prior to their Prelims. Other sessions will run prior to the final exams in May. In addition to subject-specific sessions, pupils may also undertake General Study in school when other sessions are running.

S2/S3 North – Small Schools’ Football League – The first half of this league was held in Ullapool on Thursday the 20th of September. Gairloch High entered two teams this year: an S3 team and an “S2 team” which included two S1 pupils. Pupils were transported and coached by Mr. Cumming and Mr. Gorman. There are nine teams in this year’s competition from “small schools” including Ullapool, Farr, Kinlochbervie, Dornoch and Gairloch. The top two teams will qualify for the semi-finals of the overall Highland competition.

The S1/2 team narrowly lost but performed admirably against older players. The Gairloch S3 boys’ team, at halfway stage, is in first place with maximum points. Scorers in the four games were Roddy MacLennan (3), Andrew Ross (1), Calum Morrison (1) and Scott MacKay (1). The second half of this competition will take place in Dornoch towards the end of October.

Tesco Sports Vouchers – The PE department is collecting Tesco vouchers again this year. Please hand in vouchers to the school office.

Return to school – Classes resume as normal for all pupils on Monday 22nd October. Last week all S4 were on Work Experience. It is always interesting to de-brief the pupils and find out how successful their work has been.