SQA Exam results delivered

Pupils in S4-S6 receive their Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC) by first-class mail today, Tuesday 7 August.

Every candidate received personalised registration details from school earlier this year. For those who registered with SQA’s Results Online service, results were available online from Monday 6 August. Results Online provides secure internet access to exam results. This proved very secure on the day as many pupils across Scotland had great difficulty accessing the site! Pupils who had registered for results to be delivered to their mobile phone had more success.

Early analyses of the results for Gairloch High pupils indicate another successful year generally.

S4 pupils sat a full range of subject exams. In Maths 47% pupils achieved Credit and in English 49% achieved Credit level. Overall 62% of the Standard Grades have been achieved at Credit level (42% of these at the highest Grade 1).

In S5 37% of the Higher exam success was at grade A. Overall 91% of the Higher exams taken by S5 pupils achieved grades.

S6 pupils take a mix of Advanced Higher and Higher exams. 78% of the Highers sat resulted in grades. 92% of the more difficult Advanced Higher exams were passed while 25% of these results were at the highest grade A.

Many of the pupils also sat Intermediate and Access exams as well as the better-known Standard and Higher grade. Results in these exams are comparable and are a step on the way for most pupils to achieve at higher levels next session. The school also enters pupils for free standing units that contribute to core skill awards.

The next step for school staff is to analyse the results in greater detail and prepare appeals for those pupils whose grade does not appear to reflect their previous proof of performance. All the results represent a great deal of effort and hard work from pupils and staff alike so – well done to all involved!

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