A successful evening held on Wednesday 28th June in Gairloch High School. Guests included Mrs R MacKenzie, Chair of the School Board, Mrs M Cameron, retired Chair of the School Board, and the Revd D Morrison.

DUX OF SCHOOL – Callum Croal
Callum achieved Higher Maths in S3 and Advanced Higher Maths in S4. Callum is currently waiting for his Higher results in Chemistry, Physics, Music, English and History. This year Callum is studying Advanced Higher Physics and Chemistry. He is also studying an Astronomy course through the Open University.

Martin Blackley Memorial Cup for Senior Boys Sports Champion
Callum Croal.
Gladwyn Memorial Prize For Fine Art
Laura Ella Kirk, Rachael Thomas and Elizabeth Hardman.
The MacLean Trophy for library endeavour
Ruth Macleod
The Doctor Hunter Cup for Piping
Zoey MacIver & Conal McDonagh.
The MacKenzie Targe for creative writing
Rachael Thomas.
The Lauder Prize for Music
Liam Ross.
The Lauder Memorial Prize (Service)
Head Boy for 2006/7-Ross Jackson.
The Elizabeth Matthew Memorial Prize (Service)
Head Girl for 2006/7-Georgie MacKenzie

Perfect Attendance
Catriona Leyland, Louise MacKenzie, Roddy MacLennan. Anna Hulme, Rosie Smith and Alasdair Paul.
British Biology Olympiad
Outgoing Dux, Anna George, gained a Commended Medal Award
Maths Challenge certificates – Intermediate
Best in School goes to Derek Martin and Cameron Jones. Honourable mention to Jennifer Port for her silver award and Amy McLeod for her bronze award
Maths Challenge certificates – Junior
Best in School goes to Katrina Port
Honourable mention to 3 silvers award winners – James Staddon, Matthew Fothergill and Theo Threadgould. Honourable mention goes to 4 bronze award winners all from S1. They are Beau Lawson, Conal McDonagh, Alexander McFedries and David Gorman.

Chess – Catriona Leyland
Languages prize junior prize – Lyndsey Croal
Languages prize senior prize – Emily Ross.

Neil Wilkie Memorial Prize For Service to The School
Neil MacLeod.
Junior School Trophy For Service And Achievement
Sophie Donald with 39 credits.
Runners up Katrina Port and Leah Kenny – 34 credits each. Anna Hulme – 33 credits.

The House Shield was presented this year to Maree

Merit certificates were awarded to several S1-S4 pupils taking into account academic progress, attitude, behaviour, numbers of credits gained and the overall contribution of each pupil to the work of the class throughout the whole school year. Sports Awards were also awarded to pupils and details are available by clicking here.

Mrs Moira Cameron, past Chair of the School Board, presented prizes. Thanks also to the Revd Derek Morrison for his contribution.

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