New links added to website

New links have been added for History, Maths, Gaelic, Music, Chemistry, SCHOLAR and Careers. They are listed in the right hand column under the headings Subject Interest and Careers Interest on the pupil pages. On this page a very informative site has been added under the category Health and Wellbeing.

More details… The Highland Intermediate 1 Maths site is almost complete. All the videos should be online in a few weeks , with worksheets and Powerpoint presentations added by the middle of June. Miss Hunter and Mr Richardson have also added some links for Music and History. The History links cover S1-4 courses. These links are in addition to the ones already there for Graph Comm, Geog, Maths and Biology. Mr Cumming has now added links for anyone learning Gaelic.

We also have a new link under the Careers and Course Information heading called Scottish Learning Sites This gives you information about every college and university in Scotland along with details of all the courses that can be studied. This site can be searched and looks very easy to use and useful. The link was brought to our attention by Mr Milner and is available on the pupil pages as well.

The Health and Wellbeing link is to a site put up by HandsOnScotland. This toolkit, developed by the Playfield Institute, NHS Fife in partnership with Barnardo’s and the University of Dundee, is a resource for anybody working with children and young people. The website was commissioned by HeadsUpScotland, the national project for children and young people’s mental health. It is designed to help you ‘make a difference to children and young people’s lives, by giving you tools to respond helpfully when they are troubled.’ We have named the link Emotional Wellbeing toolkit.

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