Important information – School Photograph and Parent meeting

  • Pupils return to school on Tuesday 17th April.
  • On Wednesday 18th April all staff and pupils will be involved in a whole school photograph. This will be taken by Tempest and available to parents who wish to purchase it.

Uniform – On that day, as always, we expect a high standard.  If you are replacing uniform over the holidays please do not let your son or daughter tell you that we don’t bother. For example:

  • Black trousers – not stripes.
  • Shirts that button up at the collar.
  • No logos or shiny belts.
  • Black shoes not trainers.

I know many pupils leave the house much smarter than they arrive, we waste an awful lot of time chiding them and it undermines the overwhelmingly positive atmosphere of the school. Please work with us to smarten the children up and create a work-like environment in the school.

Parent meeting first week back – On Thursday 19th April a representative of Highland Council will be speaking to parents in the High School from 7pm onwards about the changes to the School Board. Parents are encouraged to become involved in this discussion and we expect a large turnout. The new Parent Council will, for example, have more scope to raise funds and allow parents to offer practical support to the school. I know many parents wish to be more involved and often are not sure how to help. The recent success of the S1 Bring and Buy sale is a great example of parents, staff and pupils working together to benefit all. The new Council will hopefully provide opportunities for that. Over the years the School Board has been a great service to the school and I hope the Council will build on that. So please come along on April 19th and hear about the changes.

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