GHS and Curriculum for Excellence

Gairloch High is featured in two educational publications this month. The Assessment is for Learning publication for Spring 2007 features our project in collaboration with all our associated primary schools to further improve the move from P7 into S1. This is a large PDF download available here

Extracts from our entry reads:

“Pastoral transition has been strong and successful in the past….There was a recognition that in addition to cross-marking National Assessments, we could learn a lot from sharing practice in delivering the curriculum. The funding for our project has allowed the secondary and primary staff to meet formally and discuss issues of moderation, and has opened up opportunities to discuss curricular issues. The associated schools group for Gairloch is co-operating in wider discussions surrounding development of Assessment is for Learning…. As part of Highland 2007 we plan to work together on a further series of projects that should provide a solid base for extending developments within A Curriculum for Excellence.
John Port and Anne Mackison, Gairloch High School ASG (Highland)”

We also got a mention in the LTS Publication Connected which looks at the use of ICT in schools and highlights work developed since the FLaT project.

The information for both these articles was requested by colleagues in Learning and Teaching Scotland who have become aware of the work we are doing in the school.

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