School news 23rd March 2007

Parent Meeting – School Board members will be meeting in the High School on Wed 28th March at 7.30pm to further discuss the creation of Parent Councils this summer. On April 19th a representative of Highland Council will be attending a meeting in GHS and will give a presentation. Parents of High School pupils and all our associated Primaries are invited to come together and hear what the changes mean for them. This is an attempt to inform parents how they can become more involved in school activities at all levels.

S2 and Option Choices – This has been a busy time for S2 pupils and their parents. Following on from their exam week and reports, they are now coming to a point where Option choices have been made. All S2 have met with Gillian Unger, our Senior Careers Scotland Adviser, and each pupil has had a guidance meeting with Pupil Support staff. They should now be in a position to have made an informed choice.

School Website – The site continues to grow with articles from pupils and links to other sites. Each fortnight a copy of this news is added to the parent news section, often with additional links and information. At the recent S2 parents evening on Course Choice for S3 and S4, Mr Port illustrated links from our website to informative careers and subject websites.

Recent S5-S6 Parents Evening – At the recent evening parents were asked to fill in a questionnaire describing how they felt about the school. This proved once again to be overwhelmingly positive but some interesting points were made and will be addressed. One theme was a feeling that more careers information could be made available to parents. Our new careers officer Mrs Unger will be happy to speak to parents and pupils. We have also added links to the website to support parents and pupils. Any parent with particular queries is welcome to contact the school.

Inter – House Hockey – On Wednesday the 14th March the boys played after school in the Inter House Hockey tournament. They were very sporting to each other and more importantly they had good fun. The results were: Tollaidh 3rd, Maree 2nd and Kerry 1st. Well done to everyone. Thanks to Mrs. Hildrey for organising this event.

Red Nose Day – Over 80 pupils attended a disco last Friday to raise money for Comic Relief. Splendid costumes were on show and the cross dressing of some of the boys was spectacular. We are looking forward to seeing the photographs! Ross Jackson and Cliff Halgryn both agreed to have a leg waxed for the occasion and between them they should raise over £200. There are too many people to thank individually, however, a special thanks must go to ‘Baggy’ Ross who provided the music for the evening. Everyone seemed to have a great time and much fun was had. In the spirit of the event, a raffle was held on the evening, and the winner received a certificate highlighting the right to an education. Second prize was a jotter and pencil. Third prize was a bottle of fresh water. These precious prizes were presented in assembly this week. Amy Macleod and Meghann Richardson sold red nose buns on the day. The total sum raised by all will be announced in the next school news.

S3 Exams (19th-27th April, inclusive) – On Monday 26th March, all S3 pupils will receive their exam timetables. Their exams will commence on the first Thursday back after the Easter break. Please read the Study Advice that has been issued to your son/daughter. Your support throughout this period will be crucial.

Curling and Swimming trip – On Friday 16th March 2 coaches took the younger half of the school to Inverness for the day. The reason? All pupils got the chance to receive some coaching in curling at the ice rink. As well as this pupils also got a session in the swimming pool. The upper school got the same opportunity today Friday 23rd March. Thanks to Mrs Hildrey for arranging this and the other staff who helped supervised the event.

Big Green Challenge debating
– Well done to the two teams who debated the motion that “Using renewable energy is the best way to reduce carbon emissions” in Gairloch High School last week. The visiting judges from Inverness awarded slightly more points to Team 1 – Lyndsey Croal, Amy French and Leah Kenny Fergusson – and told them they would definitely be in the second round. They also commended the younger Team 2 – Alex Warren, Ross MacDonald and Anna Hulme – who will be a considerable force in any other competitions with such experience under their belt! All the pupils worked really hard in the last few days – thanks to all staff who allowed them to take some time out to prepare (and to Miss Mackison for organising) for what was a really worthwhile experience! Team 1 will be given the motion for Round 2 in due course.

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