School news 9th February 2007

S5/6 Prelims finished earlier this week. Staff and pupils would like to thank Janet Macrae and Mary Carson for their invigilation and efficient handling of the pupils and papers, and to Allan the Janny, for setting up the Community Centre. Once again, thank you to all clubs and societies for their co-operation and to the Hall Committee for allowing us to use these facilities. Staff are now busy marking the papers and will then begin to engage each pupil in discussions as to how to improve their performance in the finals in May and June. Reports for seniors will be issued on Friday 2nd of March. The S5/6 Parent Evening will take place on Thursday 8th of March.

Day For Change-Change the Lives of Children Although Kenyan children face daily challenges to go to school, the message is hugely optimistic: children have dreams and are eager to learn and progress. Wednesday 7th February was our designated non-school uniform day for UNICEF. All staff and pupils were asked to pay £1.50 for the privilege to help. At the time of going to press, we do not have a final total of the sum raised.

Careers Scotland Gillian Unger, Senior Careers Scotland Adviser is certainly making a mark in school. She is keen to have a larger input with pupils lower down the school. After discussions with Mr. Richardson, she will be meeting all S2 pupils individually on March the 8th just to check over their Option choices and to see if they have a career pathway planned. Gillian is also encouraging parents and carers of S4, S5 and S6 pupils to attend interviews with their son or daughter, if desired.

S2 Course Choice All parents should have received a letter from the Headteacher listing upcoming dates in March regarding very important decisions that need to be taken as S2 pupils move into S3 and choose Standard Grade and National Qualifications. Please mark these dates in your diary!

  • S2 assessment week for pupils 19th February
  • Careers talk for pupils 8th March
  • S2 reports and options issued via pupils 12th March
  • S2 Parents’ meet with SMT & Guidance staff 13th March
  • S2 Parents’ evening with class teachers – 22nd March
  • Option forms returned complete – 23rd March

If you are an S2 parent and didn’t receive a copy of this important letter from your child you should contact the school.

The 60 Minute Parent There is a showing of a film at 7.30pm on the 20th February in the Community Centre Annexe in Gairloch. It is ‘an entertaining and informal presentation covering topics such as relationships, boundaries and the power of praise’. NHS Family Learning welcomes all parents to this evening. Pupils have also been given a leaflet to bring home.

The Unlikely Eco-hero It’s been mentioned already but we now have official notification from Friends of the Earth (FoE) that our S1/2 pupils have won a 1Kw domestic wind turbine for use by the school. The engineer visited the school and has confirmed that it can be fitted. We now need to apply for planning permission to take this forward.

Pupils involved were Leah Kenny and Emma Potter of S2, and from S1, Kirsty Alexander, Anna Hulme, Alex Warren, Lauren MacRae, Carianne Johnston, Theo Threadgould, Ruairdhri Wright, Alexander McFedries, James Potter and Jacob Naylor. FoE reported that ‘with excellent editing, carefully overlaid music and good narrative, the film shows Allan’ demonstrating to ‘eco-wardens how to monitor and save energy.’ Well done to the pupils and Mrs Orr for coordinating their efforts.

Oliver Excitement is in the air and pupils have been learning their lines for the auditions for parts in the upcoming school musical Oliver. Final dates to follow but June is the planned month for 3 performances. So don’t be surprised if your son or daughter starts speaking in a cockney accent and singing ‘Consider yourself”.

Climbing Wall initiative Over the last few months a group of local folk representing climbers, school board, pupils and staff from the school and leisure centre have been putting together an idea to replace and improve the climbing wall. Ideally this would provide an exciting opportunity to members of the community and provide another feature of interest locally for visitors. The group has identified possible funding sources and will provide an opportunity in the near future for all interested members of the community to see the plans.

ROSE Survey of Science Gairloch High School got an unexpected mention in a recently published international report into the relevance of science education. S3 took part in a survey last August and apparently they like science! Measured against 2700 other Scottish school pupils in the survey our pupils inadvertently rated themselves as the most interested group in the survey. Good for them and well done to the science staff, Mrs Macrae, Dr Caley and Mr Johnston, who each add much to the education of the pupils at all levels. Interestingly the report indicated that pupils did better if they had access to books in the home. Big surprise there then!

School website Our outdated website is slowly changing and hopefully for the better. In phase one of the upgrade old material has been removed. Lots of people are following the link to our new online news section with photos, news, information and interesting links. – and if you are reading this online you may have done just that!

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