School news 23rd January 2007

S5/6 Prelims The diet of exams for seniors starts on Monday 29th January for a week, so please support your son/ daughter during this time with some TLC. We wish S5 and S6 pupils all the best and combined with all the revision they have been doing and attendance at Study Club, we hope they do themselves justice.

S4 Parent Evening Thursday 25th January is a very important evening . As well as preparing now for the final exams in May and June S4 are considering their choice for Higher courses and possibly employment. Gillian Unger, our Senior Careers Scotland Adviser is in school weekly, so if you did not get chance to meet with her last night there will be other opportunities. She is also operating a drop in session for pupils on Tuesday lunchtime, so please encourage your son/ daughter to drop in and speak with her. If you have any concerns from last night, please contact Guidance staff in the first instance.

S3 Options S2 pupils and their parents now have to start thinking about what courses the pupils will follow for the next 2 years of their schooling. Parents of S2 will shortly be receiving a letter outlining the arrangements for the programme that is in place to support S2 with important curriculum choices. A letter will be issued shortly with key dates for meetings and reporting. S2 will also have a week of assessments this term. It is important for pupils to learn the skill of planning and managing a block of assessments and they give S2 a taste of what is in store for them in coming years. They will be given a timetable and revision planner on 2nd February with the assessments taking place in the week beginning 19th February.

Pròisect Gàidhlig Bliadhna Chultarachd na Gàidhealteachd Mar a sgriobh sinn ron Nollaig, is sinne Anna Hulme is Ciorstaidh Alexander. Tha sinn anns a’ chiad bliadhna san Àrd Sgoil agus tha sinn a’ dèanamh pròisect air Gàidhlig. Tha sinn airson iarraidh air a h-uile duine le gu leòr Gàidhlig san sgìre a thighinn a-steach dhan Àrd Sgoil airson ceist no dhà a fhreagairt. Cha toir seo ach mu dheich mionaidean. Bidh seo a’ tachairt thairis air an ath-mhìos: Diardaoin 15/2/07 agus Dihaoine 16/2/07. Tha sinn a’ dèanamh seo airson Bliadhna Chultarachd na Gàidhealteachd agus tha sinn ag iarraidh gun tig daoine de gach aois. Cuiribh fios thugainn cho luath ’s a ghabhas ma tha sibh airson pàirt a ghabhail ‘s cuiridh sinn barrachd fiosrachaidh thugaibh. Ma tha sibh ag iarraidh a bhruidhinn rinn ach nach urrainn dhuibh fhaighinn dhan sgoil, feuchaidh sinn ri thighinn a-mach gur faicinn. Faodaidh sibh ur n-ainmean ‘s ur seòlaidhean a thoirt dhuinn le bhith a’ sgrìobhadh gu Àrd Sgoil Gheàrrloch, no le post dealain a chur gu Gairloch.High AT no le fòn a chur thugainn aig 01445 712275. Chan eil sinn gur n-iarraidh, tha cruaidh fheum againn oirbh! Mòran taing!

English Summary: This is a Gaelic project and we are inviting people of all ages in the area with an ability to speak Gaelic to come to Gairloch High School for a short interview on Thursday the 15th or Friday the 16th of February. If you are willing to participate please contact us as at the school.

Healthy Highland week 15th–19th January was Healthy Highland Week and as a start to Highland 2007 Year of Culture we have been busy in the school focussing on healthy eating habits and the benefits of being active. As part of the plan for this we decided that it would be great to have a school event that involved everyone through PE. It was decided that ideally it should also be a new activity. Since August we have been developing indoor rowing slowly with the one rower in the fitness room. Several groups of pupils have been put in teams and take part regularly in an Internet league competition where they race and post times online. This has involved male and female teams amongst the pupils and staff.

On Friday 19th 2007 we held a whole school event, each house battling it out on rowing machines linked by computer to a large screen so that everyone could see the race progress. What an event! It was much more successful than we could possibly imagine and from 9am until 3pm pupils were competing for house points. It was very close with Kerry winning 581pts with Maree and Tollaidh each getting 579 pts. In the ‘row-off’ Maree took second place by 0.4seconds. The 3 rowing machines were borrowed from supportive individuals and have now been returned with our thanks.

On Wednesday 17th we were lucky enough to get Yvonne Boa, Community Youth Worker, from Ullapool to come for the day with funding support from the Library Services. Yvonne worked with staff in the school and the first years got the chance to make fruit muffins and fruit smoothies. This was particularly successful given our current lack of a Home Economics teacher. Throughout the week pupils have been looking at food labels and discussing the medical effects of our unhealthy eating. Pupils are learning how to use the new red, amber, green traffic light measure for food based on sugar, fat and salt content. We are investigating how we can identify stock a healthier tuck shop in the light of changes in the law that will require us to stop selling unhealthy products. Our thanks go to Mrs Hildrey, Mr and Mrs Johnston, Mr Hulme and all other staff involved throughout this week in additional events.

Former pupil Andrew Gray, who left school in 2000, gave S5 an interesting and entertaining presentation about a range of opportunities available to pupils in the voluntary sector.

Invigilator’s Post Mary Carson, our chief invigilator, has decided after many successful years that she will be retiring from this position at the summer. The chief invigilator has a very important role in organising the national exams to run smoothly and correctly for pupils. If anyone would like to consider taking on this role please contact the headteacher for more details. Training, support and payment included!

Upcoming dates Staff training on February 8th – no pupils – followed by a school holiday from Feb 9th – Feb 12th inclusive. S1 will receive their monitoring reports for parents on Monday 29th January.

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